Message from Alberta Municipalities

Throughout 2021, Alberta Municipalities (formerly AUMA) continued representing the interests of its members — that include summer villages, villages, towns, cities and specialized municipalities where 85 per cent of Albertans live — to the provincial government and other key stakeholders.

We focused our efforts on issues that affect municipalities’ budgets — many of which require co-operation and assistance from other orders of government to resolve — and looked at ways in which Alberta’s communities can contribute to the province’s economic recovery. We also tackled issues like public safety, policing, and the creation of welcoming and inclusive communities. Our work in these areas can have a positive impact on Albertans’ sense of well-being and local and regional economic activity.

In many ways, 2021 was a better year for our province’s municipalities than 2020. As vaccination rates increased throughout the year, businesses of all sizes began working their way back to pre-pandemic sales figures and performance levels. For Albertans who work in the province’s hospitality, tourism, manufacturing and services industries, things slowly began resembling pre-pandemic conditions as the year went on. The situation has improved noticeably, but there is still work to do to return to pre-pandemic levels of prosperity and well-being.

This guide presents the many strengths and notable qualities our province’s communities have to offer. There are communities within Alberta that can meet and exceed your needs, whether you are looking for proximity to post-secondary institutions, advanced manufacturing expertise or access to highly skilled labour and transportation hubs.

For Alberta’s economy to succeed, local businesses of all sizes must succeed. Our members will continue to work together and collaborate with other orders of government and private industry to achieve common goals. We look forward to sharing in better times, building strong communities, and contributing to a more prosperous Alberta in 2022.

-Cathy Heron, President, Alberta Municipalities