Message from Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development

Alberta Municipalities (ABmunis) represents 275 communities across the province, including summer villages, villages, towns and cities. Our association has been advocating for the needs of all our member communities to the Government of Alberta since 1905. Our motto, “Strength in Members,” conveys the idea that when we work together and speak as one, we speak volumes.

Access to the Internet is no longer a luxury; it has become
a necessity. The 85 per cent of Albertans who live in our member communities know this, and they expect nothing less. Our association’s long-term advocacy efforts to help members get reliable high-speed Internet service resulted in $780 million in investment by the governments of Alberta and Canada in 2022. We believe improved Internet connectivity will improve the lives of Albertans throughout the province, especially in smaller and more remote communities. We are also certain it will help stimulate economic development and attract new businesses and start-ups.

This guide presents the many strengths and remarkable qualities our province’s communities have to offer. No matter what you are looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find
it among ABmunis’ members. Our communities boast many outstanding post-secondary institutions, considerable advanced manufacturing expertise, a pool of skilled labour and a modern transportation system.

For Alberta’s economy to continue to succeed, local businesses of all sizes must succeed. Our members will continue to work together and collaborate with other orders of government,
post-secondary institutions and private industry to achieve common goals.

Alberta Municipalities looks forward to once again contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of Alberta in 2023.