Message from Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Rural Alberta is innovative, supporting the economy through well-developed infrastructure, the provision of services, and the land and resources for businesses and industries of all types to locate and operate. Living and working in rural Alberta provides a unique experience, from large geographic spaces to a local community mindset.

The Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) represents Alberta’s 69 rural municipalities, which cover 89 per cent of the land within the province. We are proud to be home to a range of industries, from agriculture and oil and gas to renewable energy and tourism. Our members work closely with business leaders and other stakeholders to find creative solutions to difficult problems and attract and retain investment that supports the local and provincial economies. Collaboration is key and working in partnership with industry enables rural communities to find investment opportunities that work.

Historically, rural Alberta was the engine that built the province and it will continue to be a hub of the resources, productivity, ideas and innovation to push us into the next centuries.  Alberta is in a great position to continue to thrive in a changing economy, and rural Alberta is where it all starts. With access to well-established transportation net-works, competitive property tax rates, a capable energetic workforce and opportunity for business growth, come find out what makes us uniquely rural!   

– Paul McLauchlin, President, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

An oil pumpjack in Alberta, Canada. An oil pumjack is the overground drive for a reciprocating piston pump in an oil well.