Message from Economic Developers Alberta

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives and our economy upside down. This upending requires Albertans to dig deep and reimagine business models, products and services; to reinvent their best practices, and reposition themselves to take on the new world that will emerge from this challenging period in Alberta’s history. There is no doubt we will rise to this challenge. Alberta has a strong economic base, and our citizens are known for their tenacity, entrepreneurial spirit and resiliency.

This disruption has inspired EDA to reimagine our annual Invest in Alberta publication by refreshing our design and refocusing our content. The 2021 edition features two magazines together in one dynamic publication: Invest in Alberta/Xperience Alberta showcasing the province through dual yet complementary lenses.

In the pages of one half of the publication, the Invest in Alberta portion; are a variety of stories showcasing the province’s economic diversity and resiliency. You will read valuable information on the province’s economic regions; you will be inspired by a fruitful partnership between First Nations and Alberta communities, and you will learn how Alberta’s advanced manufacturing capabilities are breaking new ground and building jobs.

The other half, and new in 2021, is an Xperience Alberta section, designed to highlight a variety of Alberta’s assets that make living, studying, and exploring Alberta an exceptional “Xperience.” In these pages, you’ll discover how Alberta post-secondary institutions focus on developing skills necessary to succeed in the future economy; you’ll discover how an Alberta-based start-up furthers the province’s reputation as a leader in financial technology, and you’ll explore one-of-a-kind tourism experiences such as the “Alberta Sahara.”

We believe you will value the information as you consider the benefits to your business and be inspired to experience Alberta in new and unique ways.

For nearly 50 years, Economic Developers Alberta has provided its membership with world class professional development opportunities, award winning resources and unique networking opportunities. We are the leading professional organization for economic developers in the province and this year our role is more important than ever.

As we navigate this disruption, the theme that drives our work is “reimagining, reinventing and repositioning;” highlighting our commitment to serve our members by providing valued expertise to ensure Alberta is positioned to offer the best business environment for the next generation of entrepreneurs and business builders.

Choose Alberta. Our province is determined, diverse and despite the current challenges, there is no doubt Albertans will build on the province’s strong foundation to create a future that is bright for many generations to come.