Message From The Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism

I am very honoured to be leading Alberta’s Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism Ministry. This new ministry of Alberta’s government brings a combined focus to the importance of trade and investment to Alberta’s economy, as well as the people — locally, nationally and internationally — who help to foster commerce in our province, and drive its growth.

The ministry is focused on attracting investment and skilled workers to our province.  Alberta has cultivated an economic climate that offers businesses the lowest corporate tax rate in the country, access to a young and highly educated workforce, and a government committed to environmental social governance and reducing regulatory red tape.

There are many examples of how we are taking action to help Albertans succeed. The Investment Growth Fund, launched in fall 2021, has awarded six grants that are helping create more than 600 permanent full-time jobs, with another 2,000 temporary jobs anticipated over the next three years. We also created the Invest Alberta Corporation, to attract
job-creating private-sector investment and highlight Alberta as a prime investment location for businesses from across Canada and the world.

The success of these measures is taking root as we continue to build access to national and international markets
for Alberta industries. We have exciting new plans for the future of Alberta’s economy, and we are eager to build relationships with international investors and business partners.

For example, we are reviewing the federal government’s newly announced strategy for managing relations with the Indo-Pacific region. Alberta already has strong trading and cultural relationships with this region, which is vital to Alberta’s economic goals and international trade objectives. It is the destination for approximately 7 per cent of Alberta’s exports (approximately 60 per cent of non-U.S. exports), and provides an opportunity to attract students and labour, enabling more families to call our province home.

To this end, we created the Alberta Advantage Immigration Strategy that is attracting and supporting skilled new-comers to help diversify the economy and create jobs while rejuvenating local economies and ensuring local businesses thrive. We also have programs, such as language training, to help newcomers settle and integrate into inclusive and accepting communities.

Our Ministry is willing and ready to hit the ground running. We are laser-focused on ensuring we maintain Alberta’s reputation as a top destination for businesses, investors and newcomers from all around the world. As an economist by trade I am confident that the Alberta Advantage can provide any investor or newcomer with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Alberta is calling, all you need to do is answer the call.