PEP: Harvesting Opportunity with Supply Chain Knowledge

The Palliser Economic Partnership (PEP) is working with producers in the southeast corner of the province on a Market Entry Strategy to help draw investment to the agriculture sector, connecting local businesses with foreign investors.

PEP at a Glance

  • Member Communities: 19
  • Area: 49,529 sq km
  • Population: 120,598
  • Major Projects Value: $10.4 billion
  • Number of Businesses: 4,715
  • Key Industries: Aerospace, Agriculture, Agri-Foods, Alternative Energy, Defence, Energy, Manufacturing, Tourism
  • Website:

Sources: Government of Alberta, PEP

“The goal of this initiative is to connect our regional producers to new markets and investors,” says Quentin Randall, a representative from PEP. “We are helping to develop investment- ready projects. Where we are trying to help them understand what their costs are to move the product cross border.”

This market entry program for the agriculture sector is designed to help producers understand investor needs. While some products may face more hurdles and complications when it comes to transportation and storage, Randall says they will work with any producer to understand their needs and the challenges they face.

The market entry project launched in September 2020 and has received positive support from producers throughout the region.

“Our job is to understand the supply chain and how to be compliant. If you are cooperating with everybody, things should be moving fairly smoothly,” Randall says.