Value Add

PROJECTS: High Prairie Forest Products and Tolko Industries Mill Upgrades
VALUE ADD: Engineered Wood Products

There are a lot of trees in Alberta. In fact, there are 38 million hectares of forest in the province, which makes up 58 per cent of the total land area. Of the forested area, about 60 per cent, or 22.5 million hectares is considered suitable for harvest. Alberta harvests less than 1 per cent of the forested land base annually, but the many species of coniferous and deciduous trees that make up the harvest are known for being lightweight and high strength lumber.

Alberta’s sought-after wood products are more than just lumber. With more than 40 mills, the province’s forestry sector produces a diverse suite of products from lumber and engineered wood products to pulp, paper and bioproducts that are exported around the world.

Here are just a few projects that are helping diversify Alberta’s forestry sector and creating economic opportunities along the way.

Re-engineering Opportunity
Tapping into byproducts
Renewing Renewable Investment